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Our IT Service and Support Contracts start where our monitoring services leave off. Teks R Us can also provide you with Technical Solutions specific to your needs.
Mike Egbert
Founder and CEO, Teks R Us
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Teks R Us was started to provide IT Support and Services to small and medium sized companies in the Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, Burbank and West LA Area. At Teks R Us we believe that technology should be used as a tool to help get the job done; not to be a pain point or a source of frustration.

As your local technology experts, Teks R Us is here to make the use of Technology a painless daily tool to help you with daily workflow.

It is our opinion that if your IT services company properly manages your network and has a good working relationship with you as a client, your Technology Services investment becomes a tool that helps get the job done while making your life easier at the same time.

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If you’re looking for a Technical Solutions Architect to help you determine exactly how, where and why to  setup & manage your IT infrastructure properly for optimal usage with the highest quality results, reliability and support…  Teks R Us is here to help you achieve what you need.

Expertise In IT and IOT

Over 60,000 hours and 10,000 problems solved in the past 10 years.

Custom Designed Solutions

We'll meet to discuss your needs and develop custom solutions that can cater specific to what you want your systems to do for you.

Overcome Technical Challenges Your Company Is Facing

With Teks R Us on your side we design technical solutions for your needs, wants and budget. Book a call now to overcome any technology challenges your business, firm, company, school, university or organization may be facing. Teks R Us is here for you!