Door Access Systems For Your Business

Keeping your door access systems working for everyone!

Wireless Entry

Access to any doors or gates from your smartphone or Tesla.

Keycard or FOB Entry

Keycard and FOB entry for doors, gates and more... Provide access to those that need it and keep out those that don't.

Tracking For Entry And Exits

Get notifications and keep records automatically for any person that has come in or gone, plus tracking for any activity at entry and exits.

Insurance Savings and Reduced Risk

Typically any business insurance costs and their risks of break-in will be reduced when you have door access systems in place.

Remote Tech Support

All door access systems come with installation and support from our team of tech experts at Teks R Us.

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Expert Level IT Service Professionals

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Camera Systems
Teks R Us can make sure that everything you need can be monitored with camera systems and it can all be stored in the cloud for your business. Plus we can offer motion detection notifications and much more
Enterprise Grade WiFi
The most advanced high quality WiFi connectivity and data usage monitoring available for your needs
Phone Systems
Cloud based phone system technology so advanced nearly every enterprise company is using them. Ring Central works for your business on all levels
Network Cabling
Warehouses, campus buildings, offices need it and we can install it and integrate for you
Door Access Systems
Door access systems for your building, office or just about anywhere you need. We can provide key cards, fobs and more. Ask a Teks R Us expert
IOT Commercial & Residential
Bring your environment to life with cutting edge door and window sensors, temperature, light, audio and video controls to make managing things a breeze

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