RingCentral Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Multi-Line Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Multi-line phone systems are perfect for small businesses. They help improve efficiency and communication within the workplace. By having VoIP Phone Systems with multiple lines, everyone on your team can ensure that business calls are answered in a timely manner and easily transferred when they need to be.

Our #1 recommended business phone system is RingCentral.

RingCentral Business Phone Systems

With RingCentral your phone system will be far superior to an existing landline phone system.

RingCentral can offer great quality phone calls, with call routing features. Plus, inbound and outbound text messages and web video conferencing in a Premium bundle for your small business, all for less money than you’re probably paying now on your existing business phone system.

Get professional voicemail with customizable messages and hold music of your choice. Elevate your business-to-customer communication with text messaging and video chat offerings. That’s right all from inside your RingCentral dashboard.

Plus, it’s a wise choice when you have Teks R Us working with you to setup and install your new RingCentral business phone system. Teks R Us provides our clients and new customers with the setup, installation, and reliable tech support needed so your business can operate smoothly using RingCentral business phones.

Why Customers Choose RingCentral for Small Business Phone Systems

On average 30% of customer communication in your business happens by phone. As more professionals increase their time working remotely RingCentral makes it easy to handle. Call, talk, text and video chat from anywhere on any device.

RingCentral provides smooth inbound call routing. Simply route calls to your preferred line when you want, so you or select people on your team can answer the calls from any device as they come in. Transferring calls to a different department is just as easy. Plus, inside your RingCentral dashboard and mobile app, there are ways to tell the team whether you are available or not.

Small Business Phone Systems

Forrester has found that companies using collaboration platforms like RingCentral tend to be on average 10% more productive.

Small businesses, including yours, have a lot to benefit from using premium business phone systems from RingCentral. 

For starters, RingCentral offers a wide range of features that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your small business. Additionally, RingCentral’s business phone systems are reliable and offer high-quality call clarity. Another big benefit of using RingCentral for your small business is that it can help you save money on your phone bills. And finally, RingCentral’s business phone systems are easy to use and offer a great user experience including web conferencing features, calling, talk, text, call recording, and more.

With a RingCentral small business phone system, you’ll have everything you need to keep your business communications running smoothly. See how Teks R Us can help your business. Speak with a Teks R Us expert about multi-line phone systems for your small business.

What makes Teks R Us and RingCentral A Win-Win-Win for Your Business Phone Systems

Teks R Us has clients throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California area and we offer fully managed IT Services with Business Phone Systems setup and integrations. Transition your business phones over to RingCentral with us.

Teks R Us is a RingCentral Premier Partner and we’re here to serve your needs.

When you hire us we make sure everything is a smooth transition from your existing phone systems over to RingCentral business phone systems for your business. Speak with a Teks R Us expert now


RingCentral Works Worldwide at Home or At The Office... Have Both!

Allow your team to meet and communicate with your customers from just about anywhere in the world on almost any device. Keep your traditional desk phones in-place if you want them and also have the ability to answer and route calls from desktop, mac, tablet, or smartphone. The possibilities for your business with RingCentral replace the need for another video conference platform. 

Now use the RingCentral desktop app or mobile app for calls, text, and hosting video chat conferencing. With RingCentral business phone systems everyone on your team can do all the communication happening via phone, video, and text from one place. See how we can help your business with a new RingCentral phone system. Contact Teks R Us now 

RingCentral Online Meetings

Connect, share, collaborate and communicate with RingCentral MVP, Online Meetings, and Video Chat Platform. Set up paid or free attendance video conferencing online. Offer meeting space for your team to work virtually together. 

Share screens or presentations together with your team. Take advantage of face-to-face communication without leaving your workstation. Speak with customers or team members from anywhere, even on a mobile device from inside the RingCentral app. It’s all possible with your RingCentral business phone system.

Need New RingCentral Business Phone Systems and Support?
Teks R Us Can Do That For you:

Call us at Teks R Us : (888) 883-8357

We believe technology should be used as a tool to help you and your team get the job done, without pain or frustration.

 Let one of our expert technicians here at Teks R Us handle the tech for you! 

Focus on what you do best… We’ll take care of the tech.

– Teks R Us

RingCentral Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Multi-Line Phone Systems for Small Businesses Multi-line phone systems are perfect for small businesses. They help improve efficiency and communication within the workplace. By having VoIP
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Why RingCentral

Why RingCentral

Why RingCentral could Be The Best Business Phone Plan For Your Business RingCentral is the top performing VoIP phone system available for business phone plans
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Why RingCentral

Phone Systems For Your Business

Do More With RingCentral Business Phone Systems

Voice Over IP

Phone systems from one to many for your business, with as many lines and numbers as you need.

Inbound and Outbound Call and SMS Text

Send and receive calls and sms text messages from anywhere that has an internet connection, from any device.

Call Routing

Get your inbound calls transferred to the right place at the click of a button, making managing calls for customer service easy.

Personal phone Line Protection

With Ring Central you never need to share your personal phone line with anyone. Do any calling you need from inside of Ring Central.

Remote Tech Support

All phones, systems and support available for you and your team.

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